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I find out he has a new girlfriend who is 16 yrs his senior

I recently had a bf who was a year older than me he was soo nice and i really loved spending time with him, anyway after a couple of months he ended the relationship suddenly, he is a very up and down sort of person and has not had a very stable upbringing. I was devestated when he dumped me, but after a week he texted me asking me how I was and eventually we arranged to meet up the next day, I ended up sleeping with him, he was so lovely and everything felt good. I texted him the next day but got no reply, I thought fair enough because, he has done this a couple of times before. I then found out that he had slept with someone the same night I texted him. I started getting upset again but he texted me the next week asking if I wanted to go to his house that night, I went with my friend and her boyfriend. This time he treated me like a friend. We went to the cinema that week with just one of my girlfriends. That night when I got home he told me he loved me for the first time since we'd been going out. I stayed at his on the saturday night and his dad took me home. This week was my birthday week, he came out for the meal for my birthday and bought the biggest bouquet of flowers. We went to the pub after and everything was great again. I then went out with him by myself two days later, we went for a drink and then watched a film, he'd bought me a white gold necklace that night as an extra birthday present. He walked me to my bustop and that was the best night of my life, he had proved he wasnt just using me for sex. However I had to go away for 3 weeks we kept in contact him often telling me he loved me, by the time i got back he was telling everyone he loved me and that he wanted to stay with me, I slept with him that night, but he went away for 2 weeks ringing me once to tell me he'd talk to me when he got back.
I was the one who initiated the contact and had a good response, we met up but he'd changed, dyed his hair etc we didnt have as good a night as I was expecting. I texted him the next day to see if we could meet up properly as I despertley wanted to gain the closeness we had built up back, but i received no reply, 3 weeks later I find out he has a new girlfriend who is 16 yrs his senior, (he is 18) she has 3 kids and no money, he's been living in her flat for the past 3 weeks and he's losing all of his friends as he's not seeing them so much. He's paying for a lot of stuff ie cars etc. The last I heard they were wanting to get married, I no he's had a hard life, but this is quite extreme! They have been seeing each other for 3 weeks by the way.


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