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A relationship is like a snow flake, no two are the same.

I was married for 19 years with 3 children. She never worked, she didn’t want to and it worked for us. A friend took her to a show by this regional band… 50s type of music. She liked them and got to know the 3 main members. One was a Elvis impersonator. She started being the photosphere for the band and published a monthly fan club magazine, all of which I paid for, she also traveled all over the east coast… which I paid for. This was making her happy and a man is suppose to help his wife find and support what makes her happy. She was away from home for weeks at a time. I worked, took care of my 3 children and a foster child who had serious behavior problems. I know people say that “why did you let her go”? I love my children as much as anyone but I would have bet the lives of all 3 of my children that their mother would NEVER have an affair. I knew this woman for 20 years, she talked about other people having affairs and how bad it was… there was absolutely NO chance that she would. She was having an affair with the Elvis impersonator for a year before I found out. She emptied our bank account and went on a cruise with Elvis. Only because of my mother did I have the money to have the eclectic turned back on and buy food for hour children. Now I have moved to the west coast and making a lot of money, she is working 2 jobs that she hates and has no money… She is with a man who has no children and has never wanted children… About a year later she did email me and say God has forgiven her, she would like me to forgiver her, my reply “ I hope you find hell someday”. A relationship is like a snow flake, no two are the same.


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