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I told him it was a good idea and then the next day he kissed me

I met this guy that i hated when I first met him because he always made fun of me, but the next year I was dating this other guy and he broke my heart so I went out with the guy I hated just to get back at my ex. Well needless to say I stupidly fell in love with him. We had a perfect relationship for 8 months, then I went away for a month to visit my dad. We fought every time we talked on the phone so when I got back it was getting better but we had this huge fight and he broke it off. I was so hurt. I gave him back all of his stuff and I thought we were over. He started dating a girl that he introduce me to just a couple of days befor the break-up. That lasted about 5 days and then he came back to me and I was still in love so I accepted. We dated for a day and I broke up with him because he was getting alot of crap from his friends so I thought we could pick it up where we left off when things cooled down. He said he was ok with it so I thought it was fine. I missed him so I tried to go back but he told my sister that he didn't love me anymore so that was the end of that again, or so I thought. He tried to get me back again by telling my friend that he still had feelings for me. It worked but we never got back togeter again beacause he told me that I was ignoring him so he went out with someone else,and then he went out with my friend. I thought it was finally over but he gave me a note that told me he had feelings for me still and that maybe we could be friends and take it from there. I told him it was a good idea and then the next day he kissed me. I talked to him the day after the kiss and then he told me it was a waste of time. I also found out that he wanted another girl but he couldn't dater her for another 5 months so he had some time to play with and I guess I was what he was gonna play with untill that time came. After that I didn't talk to or ABOUT him, but his sister that is 3 years oldre than me called me up on my cell threatining to kick my butt if I didn't leave her brother alone. I wasn't scared I just didn't need him or his crap in my life anymore, And it was finally over.


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