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if he yells at you and swears/calls you names.....leave!!!

After getting out of a 5.5 year realtionship with my ex and putting up with a year of him stalking and watching my every move, I found a place of contentment with myself and my life. Then comes the fateful night, I went with my sister and her friends to the bar. All my intentions were was to comment on his cute dimples. Instead I got a 1.5 year relationship from hell. I had promised myself that I would never move in with another guy again unless we were engaged. Well that went out of the window within 4 months of being together. I moved into his house with his part time daughter (4 years) (whom I still love like my own, but cannot contact her)and his female roomate. I ended up paying half the mortgage and half the utilities, while her rent decreased. Once she moved out later, he decided he should sell the house and get one closer to his daughter's mothers house. Well this was supposed to be something done together. Umm..no. He had all the say in the decisions. It wasn't until the house was sold and we were getting desperate that he listened to my suggestions on a different area, but still close to his daughter's mother. I had dreamed of living in thos area for years. Neverless to say I was starting to get some doubts at this point, he was constantly yelling at me for one thing or another. I blew off my intuition for hopes that things would get better. He kept on telling me how he was going to propose in Oct/06 and we would be married and started on a family soon after. I lived for this dream he created. When we purchased our new home, I had reservations about signing the mortgage with him as things were not improving and I was on sick leave since May/06, bt he begged me and threatened that we would be in default if I didn't sign because he couldn't get approved by himself. So, I felt bad and signed the mortgage. During all this time I was getting sicker and constantly fighting with insurance companies, E.I., doctors, etc to get help. The sicker I got, the meaner he was. I was finally hospitalized and diagnosed July/06. He acted like the supportive boyfriend, and had my doctor and nurses convinced that he would see me completely through this illness. He fooled us all. He started working tons of overtime under the guise that we needed the money, and was becoming more distant. Finally, without warning he asked me to get my own place. The story has now changed many times, but that was the original words used. I ended up hospitalized again Sept/06. When he came to clear rumors up upon my request, he had decided that it was over, he had packed all my things, and had the locks changed 2 days into my hospitalization. Neverless to say I was beyond devistation. I told him that it was my house too and that he did not have residency because I left to seek medical attention, so he needed to provide me with a set of current keys or I would have a locksmith and have him billed for it. Well on my discharge date I was served with a protection order against him, his daughter and the house. Not for any reason other than to keep residency for himself. Well I hired a lawyer who has done almost nothing, learned that it will cost me $800-$1000 to have the protection order dismissed, and that pretty much unless I wanted to drag this out for months and months, I had to agree to his terms. Well I sold my soul to the devil, and am getting my personal effects (had to hire a moving company due to the restraining order). I got nothing I wanted and am even not allowed to do a walkthru of the house to make sure that I get all my things. All and all, I'm glad it's almost over. I am sick of him calling my mother and telling her how much he loves me and that he can't take off the protection order, because if he sees me again, he will want to get back together (like I have no say in it). Lesson learned: NO MORE MALES FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!!! I am committed to getting myself back on my feet, my health back, my own place and my independance back. To all the ladies out there I will leave you with one piece of advice it took me so long to figure out.... if he yells at you and swears/calls you names.....leave!!! You deserve better than that. Thanks fot taking the time to read my story.



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