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i got my stuff, left a note saying he was dumped and ran away.

he was abusive, we would go on a drink and hed say horrid things about the way i was with him calling me his slut and his his bitch, i couldent take it so i went home one night to confront him.
at first he was all silent then he grabbed my arms and i could smell beer on his breath, he then sat me down and udid his trousers. he layed me down and slid my dress up and start kissing my belly button and moved down to my thong where he slide it down and shoved 2 fingers up my pussy so hard i moaned and he kept doing it to me until he put his 9" cock up me real slow and by now i was geting horny even though i didnt want to and then i cumed all over him and he snogged me slow, i told him to stop serveral times but he got faster and harder it was hurting and i was moaning, but he carried on like he couldent hear me and at the end of it i got my stuff, left a note saying he was dumped and ran away. since then ive never been back to him and im living a much happier life with my new boyfriend ( the end )


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