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so woman if hes not divorced dont do it

my story is to learn from i meet a man on yahoo the man of my dreams he was legally seperated from his wife he lives in texas i live in illinois he moved here for a year things were awesome then one day i heard his mom say ur ex is calling me everyday and misses you so i heard the conversation and blew up we had a huge fight and then his phone was ringing i answered it it was her im like omg i asked him wht is going on he said she wanted to talk i so too bad too make a long story short he went bck to texas i was so hurt upset i cryed everyday didnt eat he left me alone in our apartment i couldnt belive it then 6 mths later he imed me im like should i speak to him or not well i did he told me he hated it there and his live is horrible and hes still in love with me and thinks of me everyday so stupid me said he can call me for 5 mths we talked about gettin bck together hes a moomas boy by the way his mom intefered with everything i know i know,he said my lease is over in july i said u goin to a lawyer file for divorce his excuse was shed get mad WHATEVER so i said whatever june comes still doesnt file for divorce begginning on july i stopped talkin to him for 8 days he came here yes to illinois and made love too me for 3 days guess what we looked at townhones the hole thing then 9 days later he changed his phone number what a jackass he ripped my heart out so woman if hes not divorced dont do it learned from this thanks


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