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the hardest part is now we're tied for LIFE! so everybody - use protection!!!!!!

it was such a good beginning i would never have expected this ending! we were head-over-heels in love, sleeping together, sharing everything together, for 1 year .. the next 3 years were HELL! we were on and off, fighting about everything and anything, he cheated on me twice and i knew about it and forgave him and omg i regret that! finally, after a few years of being broken up i slept with someone else, someone he knew! hell froze over, but eventually we moved on again and then tried again to be together, got drunk, slept together and now im 4 months pregnant! were not together now, we fight endlessly. he drinks, does drugs, parties continuously and sleeps around and i cangt handle it, im still crushed over the failed years behind us. because we continue to sleep together every now and then ;) a part of me still is attached but im pretty much at the point where ive moved on and now its only the letting go! its a baby step process - with hurt/pain, anger, resentment, excitement too and maybe a little jealously every now and then! the hardest part is now we're tied for LIFE! so everybody - use protection!!!!!!


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