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i say i demand respect..

OK...It may seem trivial to some people, I kicked my boyfriend out of the house after living with him for a year. We had decided to marry this feb.. (background info.) I heard thru some ladies at the school my son goes to, (Not His son). That my man had been unfaithful. i asked him to leave. They had just given me (Too) many details! for it to be just all made up. Took him back because "I loved him so much it did not matter that he had been with someone else, He loved me!~?. I am eight years older than he. We (look) about the same age.
I do many things for him ie..get up at 4:am to make him breakfast and Pack a good lunch. to save money and so that he has enough (Quality food) to eat. My sisters tell me that this is old fashioned, That women no longer make that kind of effort for the men in thier lives... might i add
that i would bathe serve his manly needs then go fix him meals... it was a pleasure to me. then one day! went to get him after work, from the carpooling location. He looked so beat after work, tired.. dragging. As he entered the Van.. a Young lady drove by? his eyes just about popped out of their sockets...I could see the whites of his eyes All the way around his small brown eyes!.. I could not believe MY eyes.. he was telling me that He liked her... "telling her, that he did not care if, i was with him at his side.. right in front of him.. watching his
him look at her!!. Well that was the proverbial staw that broke the Camals back...
After.. Following her with his eyes until he met up with my angry/hurt face. going for his daily Kiss from me?
Well it Never happened.. i drove him home..Quietly..
he knew that he had messed up. BIG time...
We got home.. i was still searching for an appropriate reaction for him. Well, then i decided.. that it was OVER!...
I asked him to pack his belongings and get out of my life....
It has been a Month he calls all the time begging me to take him back. Its getting easier for me to stay away.. i feel that i did not deserve that kind of disrespect from both of them..
He tells me that he will beg for my forgiveness in front of her... but, after thinking about it...its not enough for me. the only thing left for me to do! is stop loving him. he says i am Jealous..i say i demand respect..


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