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I feel bad for his wife because I don't think that she knows anything about me or more important, about him!

I met my ex online. I've over 30 and he was over 40 (divorced after 12 years, looking for somebody for about 4 more). Within a week we had stopped writing other people and knew that this was something special. We wrote at least once a day then about 3 weeks later switched to the phone. Our first conversation was almost 8 hours! You get the idea. Anyway, we met soon after in person and from that point on never considered anybody else. Within the next two months we had met each of our families and announced that we were going to get married. Suddenly, about 5 months into the relationship and just before I moved in with in, we had our first real fight. We had fought before but always came to a resolution within minutes. This time we went from speaking about rings, children, etc. to agreeing to speak later so as not to say something that we didn't mean to each other. We didn't speak again. Later that night he sent a two line e-mail telling me that although he wanted it so badly to work out the argument was the last straw and it was over. E-mail?? Last straw?? He also reposted his profile with a nasty statement about me that same night (he knew that I would look). I did call him the next day and got another (e-mail) response on exactly why he was upset. We didn't speak for another month and then I called him to leave a message. Turns out that he answered and we spoke for over an hour (including one point where he had to go but gave me another number to call him back five minutes later). The next day I asked if he would meet me for lunch just to talk but got another e-mail in response saying no (that I should move on, that it was hard for him too, etc.). I was devastated. I know that if he really loved me then we would have at least spoke about what happened. I know that something like that shouldn't have broken us up (imagine what would happen in a marriage?). Anyway, I recently found out that he got married four months after our last conversation, almost 6 months after we broke up. My friends tell me that he just took the first female after me that fit most of his 'checklist' but does that really matter? It still hurts really badly but I know that I got lucky. I feel bad for his wife because I don't think that she knows anything about me or more important, about him!


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