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I began to lose faith in love

I met this guy when we were working together. He was one of those nice and decent guy that I find very hard to meet in everyday life. Well I believed that he was different as I have met too many bad lads around that I always thought that Good men are ceased to exist until I met him. It took us alomst a year and we finally got together as a couple. I know he's a very devoting person and it hurts to find out that he uses his ex girlfriend name as his password. Then one day I found out a naked truth about him, his ex ever went for abortion before and they didnt end up being together. This was enough to hurt me emotionally. I know that I cant do anything to change his past so I decided to see it off even though it hurts. Later, I found out another past of him, after he broke off with his ex, he eventually had a scandalous affair with another girl for few weeks and resulted in another abortion for that affair. I was devastated to hear that. Immediately, I felt the world collapsing on my head. I dont know how to deal with that. Its not only his doings that hurt me but I start to ask myself, is this the man that I fall for?? I began to think that I do not know him anymore. And this hurts me so much that it start to affect me a lot too. I began to lost faith in love.


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