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It's not easy. I just keep praying for relief. Im sure it will come one day.

We fell madly in love, spent everyday together for the first 2 years. I started to go to university at the age of 28 and everything changed. He began treating me like an animal, telling me that if i didnt bring him other girls to sleep with that he didnt want me. I had a list of things i was not allowed to do (eg. touch him without permission) his control over me was to my realization, just normal. He began hitting and yelling at me all the time. We finally spent a year apart and on one faithful day he called. I spent the year crying and missing him, so i went back to him. Our relationship continued for another 2 and a half years. He constantly cheeted and blamed me. He lied to me over and over again. I would beg him for respect and to treat me with dignity- this would enrage him and he would insist that i must like it cause i keep coming back for more. I stayed with him cause there were times that were wonderful and i lived for those moments. Now we have been broken up for 8 months and i still love and want to be with him, only i know i need healing and i need to learn to love myself. I dont answer his calls anymore. Cause all he's looking for is a pot to sh*t on, and im not going to be it. I long for him, but i must stay away from him. It's not easy. I just keep praying for relief. Im sure it will come one day.


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