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He didn't like spending time with me, even for a meal

I had been living with this guy for 3 years. At first he was really sweet and caring. We plan to be married within a year. He didn't like spending time with me, even for a meal, always with an excuse of coccupied with work. me, being silly and trusting, always prividing the space he needed, always stand beside, waiting to be there for him no matter what. There's a time when he was sick, i took care of him, then when he was ok I myself fell sick. he din even care how was I, always on the phone with other girls whom he claimed to be his 'best friend' only. he started to carried his phone to showers, going to weird walks outside.

Then he start giving me all these craps that he suddenly lost the vision of his life, do not know what he wants to do with him life anymore,being confused over life....i was so worry, trying to be more understanding. It's always my mobile phon bills in the mail box but never his. I asked him about it, he always changed the topic.

Then he broke off with me. Even saying he won't be in a relationship for few years. throwing my car with all the rubbish aside to my friends house, with an emphy tank!Then, i start realising what a real jerk. he used to tell people i used to use his money a lot, while all these time i am emptying my own bank account for household stuff!!!

The a month later, a friend saw him holding hands with a girl, then another friend revealed that he introduce his new girl to all.

In the month of April, he gave me a ring, in may, he made planning for out wedding,in early month of June, he dump me with lots of craps.

And you know what's worse,he rarely leave house except for work. The other girl doesn't stay in the same state. He dump me over for another gilr whom he only exchange few phone calls with!


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