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I Did Everything for Him - He Lied and Cheated

During my high sch life, i came to know this wonderful guy. He was not handsome and not very clever. He was just right. The one i been waiting for in my dreams.
After becoming into good friends, i confessed to him. He said that he doesn't felt that the same way. I didn't mind. I told him i would wait.
Then things began to change. He started to tell people that i beg him to stead with him. He spread that i was desperated for him. He stead with a lot of girls and even kissed them in front of me. I told him i was not comfortable with his actions. He apologised. I thought everyting is going to be ok.
Then one day, he was blind due to a car accident. I accompany him in the hospital everyday. I took care of him and always leaves after the visiting hours were over. I ended up staying up late for my school assignments and projects.
His eyes gradually recovered. He was grateful about what i had done. He said he love me and asked mi to stead woth him. I said yes. That was the happist day in my life.
The next day when i visted him, he was kissing his ex stead . I was really shocked and angry. He said he patched with her. I held back my tears and walked away.
Now, it's already four years since i last met him. I still love him. I really miss him. I know that he is not worth it but i just cannot forget about him.


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