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To be exact, I've lost 3 1/2 years of my life

To be exact, I've lost 3 1/2 years of my life. It all began on march, 2003, when I went to a friends house. We were supposed to spend the night playing guitar and drinking, since I had recently given up on the boy I liked, but instead she and her brothers decided to go to a party. That was the first surprise. There I met an ex-coleague. He was in love with me in high school, but since he seemed a bit weird and would bother me with even weirder phone calls, I didn't give him a chance back then. That night, however, he seemed so interesting... And so we talked all night long, nothing happened. We both just slept on my friend's couch. To my surprise, he called me when he got home. We went to a park to play some guitar and talked, and he came to my place for the first time. I wouldn't even admit to be interested and BANG, first bad news. The next day he tried to kill himself with pills because of a friend of ours he liked . First stupid move, we went to another park on tuesday, with what was left of the vodka we bought after the party, got drunk and... stupid move number two, we kissed, and a week later he was asking me to be his girlfriend. A week later, getting into a mental hospital, after trying to kiss 3 different friends (by force) and breaking a window at his school. Another stupid move, I forgave him. The boy I cried for before showed up interested and I did cheat, because I would tell the other it was over as soon as I could see him (does anybody else think he did not deserve an explanation?). I forgave him, I cheated again. But now I know, it was NOTHING. After I asked for some time to figure it out, I got back together with Mr. Windowbreaker and it was bliss -for 2 months. Then he decided to try with that boy he tried to kill himself for, and dumped me on our anniversary. Then we got back together again, since I had no self-steem, and it lasted with all the episodes - cheating, drug abuse... He even tried to cheat on me with my BEST FRIEND in MY BEDROOM while I slept in the living room. I repeat, I had no self-steem, and several times he would try to leave me and I would plead for him to stay. I was co-dependent and dumb, I know. Thing is, drug abuse and cheating increased, along with his disease (he's bipolar) and on february, 2004, we broke up 'for good'. He just rather offended or ignored me, and, after a great depression, also including drug abuse and cutting my arms (no comment), I met a guy, and for eight months he meant nothing. The greatest mistake of all: when this other guy broke up with me, he was the one I called. And so we spent a month of bliss until he decided he didn't want it anymore, and dumped me the worst way he could. I was ok until march, 2005, but then again I fell for it, until may, when he got drunk at my sister's friend party and embarassed me tremendously. Then he went to Canada, and first he would rant about what kind of bitch I was to move on and see other people, then start saying 'he saw everything' and that he 'had changed' and that he 'wanted a chance'. BIG, BIG, BIG MISTAKE. By then I was depressed with a relationship, with college, and he decided to comeback FOR ME on december(I still don't buy it). We were happy all summer long. We even got engaged on February. Thing is, he passed the exams and got into my college on August. Until this, he seemed to want this relationship as much as I did, no sickness, just love. We believe we had changed, and so had the relationship. We went on a trip together, all went fine. But when he actually GOT into college, he started acting weird. It seems that he's more confident now, since people started to like him (rare in the past), and he feels that he no longer needs his little helping hand. He broke up with me this Wednesday saying he was on drugs all his youth and he needed to catch up. In other words, fool around with many people as possible. All I can say is I'M SORRY. I gave up. Now he calls me, emails me, tries to hurt me through my friends... I feel like shit, but he'll never know. And as much as it may hurt me, and I'm sure it will, I'll never come back. 3 1/2 years was time enough.


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