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still b getting over him with ur heart ripped out and thrown on the floor

well me and my ex started going out on july 9...i was so happy when we first started going out becuz i had known him for a long time and i had always liked him...before we had started going he always talked about his ex and how she was his first love and that he would leave ANY gurl to b with her but she hated him...i wanted to b that one gurl that could change everything and make him happy...after awhile we got engaged...he would always try to control me and tell me he doesnt want me going to the store becuz others guys would b there...no matter wat he did i still loved him no matter wat...i was even pregnant with his baby but they baby died cuz he hit me in my stomach by "accident" so he says but he was scared of going to jail...well on august 9 we broke up...he left me becuz he thought he had a chance with his ex again...he didnt...he found every way to hurt me so he went out with my best friend and told her a bunch of lies on me...then said that he never wanted me that he always wanted her...that hurt the worst...when they started going out he kept calling me telling me none of that was true and that he was going to break up with my friend to b with me...that never happened everything he said to me was a lie...he told me he loved me more than her and that he felt bad when he told her he loved her cuz he didnt mean it...well that was a lie but anyway to make a long story short...the moral is dont fall for a guy too fast or youll b like me and still b getting over him with ur heart ripped out and thrown on the floor


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