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i hope i find someone just like him, minus the get over me right on the friend

i was with my ex for 4months, i know its not long, but we wer young, 14, thats a hell of a long time for a 14 year old. and then one day we had a massive fight, i stormed off before i could aplogise. i spoke to him on the phone that night, he said he was sorry and would see me when he got back from the music festival he was going to that weekend. the momeant he got back i knew something was wrong, then he told me, over msn messenger, im really sorry, i had sex with this girl. that hurt so much, especially seeing as he said he wanted to wait until we wer 16. i ditched him, but still loved him, ofcourse i did, i asked him to get back together with me, to give it another chance, but ofcourse not, he'd decided he liked someone else, my best friend. i know they'll be perfect for each other, and they will get together, but i cnat get over him, i know it was love, and it hurts so much seeing them together. i loved him like no one else, and i hope i find someone just like him, minus the get over me right on the friend. love sucks


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