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i had a very lucky escape

I met a man over the intrenet on a dating website, To start off with he was great and treated me so special that i eneded up falling head over heels in love with him, until six months into the relationship i found out he was married and his wife lived in a diffrent country and as much as he told me he had left here years ago it was all lies, I stood by him as he told me i was the one he wanted and loved an not his wife. I felt so guilty as i felt like i had broken up a marriage as if i had of known he was married i would have avoided him like the plague, I also felt like a laughing stalk as all his friends and neighbours had all known about his wife. But any way i stuck with it as i loved the guy to bits, Through time he started getting emails and text from diffrent woman an when i asked i was told that i had an issue with trust...when the texts an emails where about being intimate friends and very seductive , and then he would start an arguement an turn the whole arguement about that this was because of my insecurities. Then October last year my mother was diagnosed with leukemia an he swore to my mother on her death bed how he would always look after her daughter ( me ) when my mother died in april this year an i suffered really bad depression which was understanable once again i found more cards and a photo from a woman claiming to be his cyber lover that was the final straw. It was time to walk away an look for happiness. Every day is hard to get through with out thinking about him but then i think of all the other woman an think i had a very lucky escape.....


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