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I walked out and never looked back

My ex and I dated on and off for about a year. We were close friends during the previous year, so I figured that I knew him enough to trust him. Honestly, before he asked me out, I was already falling for him. He was dating my roommate/friend during that first year when we were just friends and my heart broke every time I saw them together because I knew that I couldn't stand in their way. Anyway, the two of them broke up and she seemed fine with me dating him, so we got together.

Shortly afterwards, he became very jealous and very clingy. For example, if I would turn over in my sleep so as not to face him, he would take that as a sign of rejection. Remember: I am fast asleep and have no choice as to which side I am going to sleep on. Then he became absolutely obsessed with sex. We couldn't even make it through a movie without him jumping on me. No more deep conversations. Just sex. And not even good sex. It was like being with a jackhammer. Despite all of this, I couldn't let go of the wonderful relationship that we had prior to this.

Finally, after I was tired of being treated like a blowup doll, I left his apartment to calm down and then sent him an email (his phone wasn't working) telling him that we needed to talk. His response? He told me that he was "insatiable" and that if we couldn't have sex 4-6 times every night and again in the morning that it was over. I told him to go to hell and it was over...for a while.

A few months later, he contacts me again apologizing and saying that he was having issues at the time. That he felt rejected and was taking it out on me after his relationship with my roommate. Long story short, I am a big fat sucker and believed him. (Yes, I am an idiot) Needless to say, it didn't work. The final straw? I told him that we should cool it with the sex and try just hanging out together for a little while. He agrees and we go over to his apartment to watch a movie. During this, at some point he stole the keys to my apartment so that when he took me home, I couldn't get in and he offered to let me spend the night at his place. At his place, I found the keys tucked into a chair in a room that I hadn't even been in and he tries to have sex with me. Forcefully. I walked out and never looked back.


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