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i have been living a nightmare.

I hate my ex like hell, i meet him about a year and a half ago, i thought he was the guy of my life, but no. I was over at his house and i found a porn magazine in his closet, I asked him about it and he said its been there for 5 years, i knew that was bullshit, and even if it had been there ..why would he keep something like that when he had a girlfriend, its like i wasnt good enough for him or something. Another day, i went on his computer and also found sexual girl pictures, and again he said they are really old and he forgot about them ..when they were right there in his face. One time when i went on vacation to mexico, he was on the phone with me telling me he missed me and me crying on the other line, but after mexico about 3 months later i went to check my chat logs on my computer and his msn contacts popped up, so i decided to read them. after about 1 hour of reading, crying and shaking like hell, i found conversations about him talking to some girl and telling her he's alone at my house and she should come over because he's lonely, also later on they started talking about what they would do at my house and of corse it ended up talking about having sex. That was the end of it, i asked him the next morning to come over and read it and he said he had NO CLUE. He always said he loved me and cared for me with all his heart, and he would die if ever left him, now i know it was all lies all this time i have been living a nightmare.


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