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he got caught in his game

He is a lier and a cheater

there was this boy that i met on the computer we exchanged numbers and were friends for a while.About a week later he asked me out so i said yes even though we went to seperate schools.We would talk on the phone for like four to five hours straight every night. 2 in a half weeks in the relationship i asked one of my best friends if she knew who he was since they went to school together. She ended up telling me he had a girlfriend that he had been with for 2 years.so my best friend told his girfriend that he was going with me too so she ended up texting me asking about our relationship and i told her everything so we both ended up breaking up with him.He got so crazy that he would just call me blocked all the time. Then he called again leaving me voicemails saying i had been calling his phone blocked. so i called him back and told him that i hadn't been doing that so i thought it was settled.All of a sudden he sends some girl to call a couple of days later starting mess on my answering machine. since i didnt respond back he calls me with some mess. i think he's just doing it because he got caught in his game and so he's mad and because i've been ignoring him


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