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i made a hugeee scene infront of everyone at the movie theatre

he really broke my heart and didnt even know.

i was going out with this boy... and i would do anything for him. i loved him to death and accepted him for who he was. everyday was better then the next and it felt like i was floating when i was with him. after about 2 months it started to get a little shaky and i kinda started to like another boy.i felt awful about it but i told him that we should take a little break because things werent going to well and maybe we just needed time to ourselves. well i ended up kissing another guy and i felt guilty but i knew we were on a break. we finally made up and got back to how things use to be when we were first dating. i was for once in a longgg time finally happy with my life and myself. i felt like he was not being himself around me though, he used to stop sseing me as often and couldnt ever go out.after about 2 weeks of him being weird around me i asked him what was going on and why was he being so different. he told me he had met another girl right before we went on a break and that him and this new girl wanted 2 be together. i was crushed.. i really thought i couldnt live without him. after 3 weeks straight of crying on off i finally told myself that i need to get over him and go out for a night with a couple hot guys and my best girl friends. well we decided to hit a movie and when it ended and we were all coming out of the theatre i saw him and his new girl. i tried as hard as i could 2 not cry when i noticed that this new girl of his dreams was my good friend(who said she couldnt come out with us because she was tied up with her work) all my pain turned into rage and i was furious with them both. i made a hugeee scene infront of everyone at the movie theatre! i cussed them out and yelled at them that i couldnt believe either of them would ever do that to me!! outta stupidity and anger i immediatly started dating his best friend which made me look like a slut to other people. me and his friend didnt last long and soon i just wanted to be single. i know this is the craziest thing.. but i still have feelings for him and im still mad i took that break in the first place.. whether it was his fault or mine i still feel 100% responcible for him leaving me.is this a normal feeling??


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