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So now hes crawling back on his hands and knees

Me and this guy had been going out for 3 years, teenage sweethearts if you will. The prom king and queen type, just truely perfect for each other. I knew I was moving for about a year before it happened, but we were ready for it. He said he would suppport me and we would carry on being the erfect couple we always were. But when the time came, he just ignored me, no texts nothing. I rang him and told him it wassnt good enough, he said he would change. In all my naiveaty I wanted to beleive that he would and make more of an effort. Then it happened again, I got a text saying, the distance wont work. I rang him, wondering what was going on. What had changed? After arranging to meet each other, I got a text. He then explained he had been with another girl all week. I was a mess. Then it got nasty, he sent me numerous nasty text mesages unprovoked, saying I was twisted. Then I got a picture message of them together. The un-funny comical side to it was the fact that he met her when he was in my town for a week, on a uni trip. So now hes crawling back on his hands and knees, I know hes pathetic, but I do still love him.


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