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how could i believe that he loves me when his love is for money?

Well we will call this For the Love of Money. Lets begin with this we had been together for 6 years sometimes happy other times not so happy. Whatever this man wanted he got and my heart happened to be one of those things. What a tangled web we weave. Okay anyway we were living a crazy life he ended up in prison for 18 months. Oh and yes I waited right there by his side, silly me. He came home and everything seemed great we were finally going to get married after all these years well see we were together 6yrs messing around for 10. Oh how happy i thought i was everything seemed to be going great, no more crazy life, we were now both on the right path or so i thought. Well once a hustler always a hustler.If it cant get paid one way it will get paid another. So mister bright idea thought he would go live with his no dna test result baby momma, cuz she haas money in the bank, okay the tricky part I agreed to this madness while he was gone becasue the promise of a down payment on a house sounded wonderful< silly me once agian. Once he got home my feelings about the whole situation changed and i was not havin it. Well he didnt give a rrats behind about how i felt and decided to move him amd his 11yr old daughter over to this womans house,now let it be noted that through the years i have had his daughter with me more than he has. That hurt okay so now hes gone and i am devestated i thought a wedding,some kids of our own,work hard enough to make enough money to get what we wanted> NO not him he left me for money but the wild part about it is that they couldnt even talk about their daughter without arguing all the time always some drama, now this is a differnt daughtr shes 9. Anyhow he used to talk so bad about her and said he couldnt stand her, Yet he still left our home to live with her saying it will be beneficial for everyone. How for me besides no extra laundry, dont have to cook ,only need to make sure im cool, wait what was the problem oh yeah he sucks, now for the drama he will not return the key and up untill now i didnt change the locks because i wanted him to come home, he calls everyday and is over here every other day he took me to the family reunion for the weekend out of town and we went to the theme park another weekend all while living with her. I cant move on with my life with him still having a key and talking to him everyday saying he is closer and closer to getting the money. You know what money is not that serious to me and in the beggining i begged,pleaaded and finally demanded he come home. Well it has been 6 weeks and he is still there living everyday life with her and im left with all the bills and heartache. I sit and think which is the worst thing for me to do about how their living and maybe it wasnt for the money maybe he really does like her and all this i will be home soon and i love you and this is for us and on and on dont seem to matter anymore. I asked him just today why arent you afraid of me just leaving and finding another, his response....BECASUE THE LOVE WE HAVE FOR EACH OTHER IS TOO STRONG.Was he foreal is he really that confident that i wont move on, yet i havnt givin him any reason to think different key still works still talk to him everyday. What is wrong with me. Why would I allow myself to be in a situation like this and how could i believe that he loves me when his love is for money?


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