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i do miss him sometimes,....but hopefully will get over him soon...

I am an older woman of 45, my ex boyfriend is going to be 58. I spent the first 6 months with him, so happily. He then moved in with me, gave me some money for house bills sparadically, though he was still paying his 20 year old part time college student daughters car insurance and rent...the rent was being payed to his son cause the son has an apartment in his house were the daughter lives.Anyway, I did admire that he took care of his little girl...But often felt that I didnt get anything compared to his grown adult kids. Now mind u, I am a mother myself, so I know that giving to ones kids is first and foremost..Problem here is that he would take thousands of dollars out for his kids, and I needed to work 2 jobs just to get the bills paid. He is by no means rich, but has given alot to his kids. Also< he went back to Cyprus to visit his family there, but I couldnt go because not only didnt I have the money for the vacation itself, if I had missed work for 2 weeks, I would have gone bankrupt.We have never gone on vacation in the 2 and a half years that we were together, though I kept telling him, lets go for a few days and get away,,,his sons business was more important, he said he didnt have the money and on and on...when he would come home at night, I felt like crap...I wanted so much to do things with him, to connect, but he never wanted to do anything...plus he always made fun of my weight, and my height,,,I was 2 inches taller than he was.We finally ended our relationship 3 weeks ago,...we got into an argument 6 days after my brother died,,,,by the way, he also didnt go with me to an out of state service for my brother...anyway, we argued, and he left me, but I also said I had enough. I have cried, and many times have wondered why he was so insensative...I dont know, bt strangely enough, i do miss him sometimes,....but hopefully will get over him soon...


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