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so child services threatened to take the child if she did not report him

I met this beautiful woman. While I had known her for a few years, it was not until she had told me that she was available that we decided to go out. We have been together now for 2.5 years. It has been wonderful. She has a 5 year old, a lovely little girl and tons of spirit and very bright. The ex, well form the beginning when she left him had been on my case. I have no problems with this guy, but he things I am the reason she left him. Anyway earlier on when we were still just friends talking, he made several attempts leaving me threatening telephone messages. He ended up finding my number while looking through her things. At the time I was not sure it was him. Until one day I answered and he said he was going to kill me. I ended up reporting him because he told me he knew my address, and knows where I live and work. One day she came over to my place, he evidentially followed her. He assaulted me. I reported him and filed another police report. Another time he calls me and I answer. He said he was sorry for saying those things. Later he told me he wants to kill both the child and my girlfriend and himself. I talked with my girlfriend about it and she said he told her that as well. One day I was helping her put some decorations on her house. He came over and demanded to come it. She did nto let him in and he broke the door down. She did not want to report him so child services threatened to take the child if she did not report him and get a restraining order. She eventually did get one. During that time he broke the restraining order by waiting for us outside this place. Again he got away. Many other times, this guy just will not let up. He will not let her have her own life. It is sad because this guy is abusive, dangerous with the child and her and unfortuantely she does not see this. He will kill me or her or her child anytime her does not get his way.The sad part is that he visits the child and she lets him then blames her and she feels bad for him. Then I am not able to come around because she is affraid of him.


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