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He is a jerk, like most of men in this world.

All I know is that he hurt me very very much. I met him 8months ago when I was visiting my cousins in another state, right next to mine. I saw him in a bar and he wanted to meet me and he met me with his friends. Than we went out and we kissed for the first time. The other days I was feeling wonderful, I was just happy and he was asking me if I wanted this relationship to last for a longer time and I said yes. When I got back home he was calling me on my cellphone 3 times a day but that lasted for a month. After 7 months I went to see him again. We had the same romance but the difference was that he wasn't so in love with me and he was...strange. There was his ex gf and he hated her. He was telling me only bad things about her and all his friends hated her. When I left, he prommesed to call me, but he didn't. I've waited for 20days and-nothing. Then mu cousin and his friend told me that he reconciled with his ex-that bitch that he hated? I couldn't belive in that. I was crying all night and I burned his picture, I wanted to forget him. But I was glad about one thing-he don't have any friends now because no one is talking with him. He lied to them, he lied and cheated me. I still love him, but I must forget him. I'll write him a letter couse a want to feel better when I'll say everything that I have to say to him. He is a jerk, like most of men in this world.


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