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he was a year older than me and he was also in my bus

I met my ex-boyfriend when I was about 14 years old going on 15(now i'm 18) he went to my school, he was a year older than me and he was also in my bus. That's when I first noticed him. My friend was close to his locker and in his class. She started talking to him about me and maybe 5-6 months later we started going out. He was my first love, my first everything. Things were going good, we were alike, liked the same things and never really desagreed on what to do or where to go. I don't think we spent one day a part. I would go see his hockey games and he would come to my family parties and I would go to his. Being young, we had issues with trust and jealousy. We would get mad and jealous watching movies or tv. After a while i couldn't trust him anymore beacause he would lie about everything beacuse he didn't want me to be jealous. I couldn't trust him anymore and he must of thought I was poisoning his life. When we decided to take a break and figure out how to stop our stupid little jealousy issues he found somebody else. I was with him 2years and a half and never spent a day a part from him. I still miss him but I guess we just waren't met to be and I hope he's happy. What he did was sh***y but he was young and we both needed to grow up.


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