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next thing you know she gets married to some other guy

I went out with this beutiful and smart girl for 2.5 years, when we were both in our 2nd year of University. Time went absolutely great, but after a hear or so into the dating things started becoming sour. I had invested to much time money and emotions in this girl and had cut myself of. I always supported her, when she planned on changing schools and major, just to make her feel comfortable I would pick her up, drop her to her school go to my school for lectures and after lectures I would head back to her, this happened for a whole year. Her expectations increased, I got a good job @ a bank, and her expectations increased even more she just didn't want anything she wanted the best of the best, her excuse was that she was with me when I was nothing to now, and I bought it and would only give her the best. But then point came that arguments over stupid things became so bad we wouldn't talk for weeks. Her dad who lived overseas came back and watned to get us engaged, @ first I wanted it but as the arguments increased I had doubts, so I told her I wanted some time off to really think about it logically w/o any emotional influences, I kept in touch with her once in a while calling to see if she was okay, texting her, next thing you know she gets married to some other guy she went out with for a month and a half and they married a month after they went out. and 6 months down the line i still feel betrayed, deceived, angry, sad.


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