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Today, I'm not ready to forgive him. I hate him.

Well, what can I say in just a few lines... I went out with this guy for 9 months. He was the perfect guy... Romantic, very bright, attentive, took me on a trip to Venise for my birthday... Everytime we met, we had a great time together. I thought I was in love. He convinced me he was in love with me. We both were from different countries. Came summertime, I had to return home for july and august to visit friends and family. It was a bit strange that he wasn't that eager to come and visit me. But he gave me work and money being major impediments for him to visit me.

During this separation, he started to write less and to avoid spending time on the phone with me. After a month of this, I decided to have a talk with him. During this conversation, he was unable to give me one single reason why we should stay together, so we broke up.

For a moment at was at peace and told myself, although he seemed like the perfect guy, he wasn't right for me. I remember having a document in my possession where he had printed all of his passwords. Out of innoncent curiosity, I went into his email addresses.

It was extremely painful. There, I discovered that he had been cheating on me with two of his colleagues, practically since the day I left. I understood that he wrote me most of his emails after a long evening with a girl (at night or in the morning) and would lie about his whereabouts but would always end the email to reassure me of his feelings. And what's more, I discovered that he was a regular visitor to brothels and enjoyed prostitutes. I read the most vile descriptions of nights with prostitutes in email exchanges with his friends. These got me physically sick. He could have infected me with something.

Today, I'm not ready to forgive him. I hate him. I'm trying to recover the deceitfulness and to believe in love again.


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