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I still love her, and if she asked me back, I know I would go

I was going out with this girl for three years. We had (in my mind) a perfect relationship. The week of our third anniversary, she tells me that she's leaving me. She tells me that she just can't date, that school is too stressful at the moment. She wanted to stay friends, and I agreed. A week later, I found out she was going out with a good friend of mine...somebody I introduced her to. At that point, I broke off all contact with both of them and tried to gather up the pieces of my life.
Six months went by, and I was missing her every second of every day. and one day, she calls me out of the blue and tells me that she wants to get back with me. We do, and I find out a week later that she had dumped him that same day. Worse yet, she was not feeling guilty about "not giving him a chance."
For the next three months, she would dump me about three times a week, every week, and ask me back the day after (or I would convince her to stay). By the end of this, none of my friends were talking to me anymore, but I didn't care because at least I had her.
Until she cheated on me. She said she was sorry, and begged me to forgive her, and I walked away saying I needed time. Later that night, she got her sister to call me and beg me to stay with her, and I agreed. Naturally, she dumped me the next day, and asked me back the day after that. We went on vacation together and I thought everything was fine again.
I had broken my hand during the current semester, and she was really supportive...until the day of the reconstructive surgery. Immediately after the surgery, while I was still under the effects of the anesthesia she dumped me again. Recently, she's told me that she still loves me, even though she's started going out with someone a week before my birthday.
The thing is, I still love her, and if she asked me back, I know I would go, even if it ended up the same way again.


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