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its killin me inside n i dnt know what to do...........

Well our relationship was pretty long. I dnt mean as in we were together but i mean every since we met eachother. It all started september 11 2004. I am very young by the way. Well anyways my friend was turning 14 and she had a party at her house. I was new too that school but i pretty much got along wit every1 except 4 da high schoolers. So that night was pretty normal i guess and we were drinking and everything but since i was drunk off my butt i didnt even know what i was doing so than i met this guy and i didnt even know who he was but i was hingin out wit him and when i was bout to leave i made out wit him and i didnt even know who he was. so 2 weeks past n i didnt even member that night until one day my friend told me to hand out her invitations to her party so i did n as we were doin dat she told me look thats da guy u kissed n i was lik r u serious wow thats interestin he kinda cute!!! So she told me go give him da invitation so i did n we were like wats up u knoe da usual than that happened so like a few days later he called me n we started talkin on da phone n stuff u know. than da day of my friends party he decided to go off and do god knows wat wit some ugly a$$ girl n u know i was pretty upset cause he was supposed 2 b wit me n well u know so i was really upset. Than after she left he came up to me n told me sorry n stuff u know so i was ok dan u know watever. so after dat he was all aweet n nice to me so i thought dat he would ask me out or something but really his friend called one night n told me u know wat he dnt want to talk to u anymore n blah blah blah so i mean i was super SAD!!! N i mean it was weird because i didnt even go out wit him or nada but i was really upset!!!! So like in december one of his friends had a party n he n i did some stuff but he never called me after dat or anything so i was really upset n dan for my bday i sat there n cried 4 his ass u know it was sad. than before my continuation we were goin to have a limo n stuff u know so for some reason i guess he started talkin to me again but some other stuffed happend between all that summer dat i dnt want to type but august 15 2005 he asked me out!!!!!!!!! OMG i was da happiest girl ever we were a really good couple i mean da beat for bout 6 months i mean he did have his flaws but it was ok right??........... well i started to notice da way that he was he didnt hold my hand in puplic he didnt like to go places wit me no mo he was such a mean person to me we broke up 3 times and than he took my virginity and 3 days after dat i broke up wit him yeah i know but i mean i was hurtin cause i didnt like da way he treated me n now supposivly we r best friends but i cnt stand him tellin me bout other girls :( we would have been together for a year this august n it sucks but i still love dat kid wit all my heart n rite now im at da point that i aint happy wit out him n i think he mad at me rite now cause i havent talked to him in 3 days n tomorrow im leavin on vacation and its so sad cause i dnt know if he really loves me or if i made a mistake but its killin me inside n i dnt know what to do...........


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