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im done missing him and not doing anything about it.

he was my best friend. the only one for me, you know the story. we dated for two and half years and never had any serious problems and never broke up. since i was 14, he was the only person id talk to about certain things, and everything was so perfect with the two of us. we did everything together, and i made a whole list of things to do over the summer when he left for vacation..and i was so excited to start off fresh.

but then he throws this shit in my face that he doesnt want to have a girlfriend anymore and he wants to enjoy his senior year and just be single....he broke up with me officially, on my birthday. my 17th birthday..i hated him for it. he just wanted his freedom, he was only thinking of himself. When not even a month before this, he told me he'd take me to disney for the day..sure he cried, he didnt want to break up, but he felt like he had to, and i still dont understand.

and now im here a month later, crying over him. we talk, were still "friends" and every time we see each other, he kisses me. he sais he cant be friends with me...so im guessing thats why he wanted to break up over the summer, so he wouldnt have to see me..but schools starting soon and we have a [veryyy slack]class together..so im starting to not call him anymore, or text him, or anything. i want him to realize that he had something good in his life that he just threw away. this year im going to put on a smile and just pretend im happy without him, look my best, and let him know that im doing fine, and just flaunt everything i have to get him to notice me. make him miss me. because im done missing him and not doing anything about it.


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