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Starting with Lies

I'm from a really small town & football's really big.One night I went and I saw this guy, I thought that he was the hottest guy in the world and I told a friend that that's who I wanted to be with. She asked him how old he was & he said that he was 17 soon to be 18. I, at the time was 22. A little age differences but nothing to big, but still I did my homework, to make sure his real age. I asked his relatives how old he was and they all said that he was about to turn 18. SO IT MUST BE TRUE, or so I thought. I meet his family and we started staying at each others houses, I even took him to school, everyday.

Well,dated for 3 months and one day I overheard him talking to his cousin, who I knew was only 15, and his cousin asked when his birthday was and how old he was going to be, at which my boyfriend replied that he was about to turn 16. I thought that I had misunderstood him and I asked him AGAIN, how old he was, he then told me that he was just 15, & that he didn't think that I would date him if I knew that he was 15. I was furious. I told him that I didn't want to see him anymore. That I could go to prison for statutory rape, he told me that he didn't tell me how old is was because he didn't think that I would go out with him, and since his family knew how old I was, and that they had no objections to us dating.

So we continued to date. Everything was perfect. Then out of the blue, he wanted to break up, we dated for 1 1/2 years and it seemed like everything was fine. Three weeks after we broke up he started to dating someone else. All the things that I did for him and I ended up getting my heart broken form a little kid. It still hurts, because I really liked his family and everyone lied ot me for the get go.


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