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I know what we could have done to fix it

I just broke up with my boyfriend two months ago. We were together for 2 years. Our love was like magic, we were each other's first love and first serious relationship. Even though I hadn't been with other guys, I loved everything about him, and felt other guys just didn't match to him. So I had moved in with him about a year and a half of being together. We are young though, we're both 19. Anyway, we were so happy for the first 7 months until, his mother kept getting into our relationship. She's never liked me and told him to find another girl and that we were too young to be living together. Anyway at first he fought for our love and told me that he loved me so much he wanted to marry me in the future. We wanted to have kids and even thought about what our life would be like together. Then suddenly he changed. He seemed to be bored with me. He wouldn't talk to me as much, or show me as much affection. I made the mistake of becoming to clingy. I tried everything to make him love me the way he did before. Then we decided it would be a good idea if I went and stayed a while with my mom. She really needed me at the time because she was sick. I stayed with her for almost two weeks. We used this break from each other to think about our relationship. He came to see me and told me he wanted to end it. He didn't feel free and independent anymore with me living with him. He said that I was tying him down. I was devastated, but I knew it was coming. I had hoped that our time apart would let him realize how much he wanted me, but I was wrong. We decided to stay friends and called each other every once and a while. The conversations were tough for me. He'd tell me how happy he was and that he was doing fine, of course I'd lie and say I was too. But inside I was crying and was miserable. I can't see how I can be so depressed and he's acting like he doesn't even care. All my friends were surprised to hear the news. Some thought we'd last, others told me that our mistake was moving in together when we're so young. Anyway we still talk every once and a while and he came even came by to help with my car. I know that deep down he cares about me, but I don't know if we'll ever be back together. I only wanted him to be happy, so I let him go so he could find that happiness whether it was with me or not. I miss him so much and still love him as much as I did the first time I uttured those words to him. I just feel that he lost interest and wasn't ready for the commitment involved with living with eachother. Anyway, I tried to get over him by going out with my friends and trying to get interested in other guys, but it's really hard. Everything that reminds me of him makes me want to cry and when I'm out I keep thinking about the times we went out. I want to get over him, but I also want him back. I'm so confused and lonely. Anyway I did learn something from the relationship. I realized that we did spend too much time together, I was too clingy, our communication was going down hill, and he may have been interested in other girls. I know what we could have done to fix it, but it may be too late now.


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