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We both messed up, we just weren't right together.

I met my ex at work. We were friendly until I found out that he was getting a new job. I gave him my number and he called the very next night. Things moved very fast. We asked each other all the standard questions when we became exclusive, questions about family and marriage. I made it clear that I saw marriage and children in my future, he didn't say too much. In the next few weeks, he said 'I love you' first, asked what I wanted to name my children, and made statements to suggest that marriage was a possibility. Comments like, "When we get married, he/she won't be invited to the wedding."

I was happy for awhile. I became more and more annoyed that we seemed to do the same thing every time we were together. His life seemed to be work, tv, sleep. I wanted him to meet my family, an idea that he balked at. I messed up. I came right out to his face and told him he had no passion for anything. A few days later he broke up with me, I can't say I blame him.

But, it's the after that put things into prospective for me. I started seeing someone else. When that didn't work out, I got a mysterious call from my ex, completely out of the blue. We began to sleep together again. I began to hope for something that I shouldn't, I began to hope that the feelings he told me he still had for me and the sex would equal something more. Maybe a dating relationship, maybe just a friendship, but something deeper than just two people that sleep together. But it didn't. I relize now, that was all our relationship was before. No matter if he loved me, no matter if I tried, we would never be close. We would never trust the way two people in love should trust...

I told him I didn't think that people should sleep together after the relationship was over. He used a phrase I'd heard many times, "What fantasy world do you live in where..." And I relized something else, in all the times he had used this phrase, I had taken him as joking. Hearing it again and relizing just how many times I'd heard it and its tone, I could see that he didn't really respect me. He devalued my thoughts and how I lived. Though I might have messed up by insulting him, a statement that he had every right to be upset over, at least I told him what I thought directly instead of breaking him down piece by piece. I still think about him and the mistakes I made, but no matter how many times I replay the conversations and situations, I can't find a resolution in my head. I try to be content with the fact that, yes, I loved him but it didn't work out. We both messed up, we just weren't right together.


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