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i happened to look up to see the most sexiest male human being ive ever seen

i was just walking in the halls of my school and i happened to look up to see the most sexiest male human being ive ever seen. well a few days later this sexy person came up to me and actually started flirting with me and talking to me. i gave him my number he gave me his and we called each daily. everybody use to pick on us cuz we acted like we were going out but i actually really started to like this guy.he asked me to be his gurl and i said yes i felt like my dream had come true. after a month he asked me when waz i going to give it up to him i thought he was just playing so i said when ever you want. i never intended to have sex with him i wasnt going to have sex untill i was in love... i mean real love... i mean real love like marrige love but that all changed. every once in a while he would ask that again my stupiid self would always "sure ill let u hav it" or "whenever u want it". well his parents went out of town for a while and asked me to come he didnt say to have sex though. i lied to my parents and said i was going to my friends house for a sleepover. when i got ot his house there were a few other couples there. at first we talked and it was fun then the couples disappeared and we were left alone. taking me up on what i said he said about us don it right. i was like right now and he said yea there isnt a problem is there i said no and giving in to peer preasure we had sex... it hurt to me and afterwards i felt horrible and started to cry. i left and slept in the park down the street from his house.the next day i called him and apologized he said it was ok and he understood the next day at school everybody was quiet and acting awkward towards me i wasnt sure what was going on till some stupid jerk came to me and asked if he could get a fix i said no and cursed him out and then he said he just wanted one like my boyfriend had. i raced to the bathroom and on the wall was my name with is a slut underneath i was so angry that at lunch when i saw him i started yelling extremely loud and swearing and i asked him if he had started some rumor about me. he told me he was only telling the truth and that he had found someone else and he didnt want ot be my boyfriend and said that everyhting everything every body was saying was true and that he doesnt date sluts. i never felt so betrayed and hurt and pissed and a whole bunch of other emotions i mean i had gave my virginity the one special thing to me and i gave it to a jerk and more importantly i wasnt in love with him like i thought that was the worst breakup ever. the rumor was around the whoe scholl the next day every one was saying all these things i couldnt take it

i moved out of the school and never spoke to him again. this story doesnt have a all bad ending cuz after some body told the truth of what happened no gurl or anybody wanted to talk to him. everyone took my side and i went back to the school but no one ever dis respected me like that again

this story was fabricated but i think its a real good story that i just started writing and have to send to you i hope your not mad cuz its not exactly true i just couldnt send it without telling you that


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