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i just needed to tell this story but ive really gotten over him now:)

On about the third day of school me and my bestfriend noticed this new boy in our gym class. He was kind of cute but also kind of short. Anywayz one of our friends told us she liked him so natuarally we went over to the boy and started talkin to him, askin him all sortsof question about himself tryin to gather information for our other friend. We tried to get them together but it didnt really workout. a few days later i broke up with my boyfriend over the summer and i was single again. I forget what i said but i remember saying he looked aiight before i knew it she was over askin him if he lyked me or thought i was cute. he said yea i looked good and we started talkin then we were a couple. I at first didnt really like him a whole lot but over time i really really liked him alot. Unfortuatley i was moving in just a few short weeks but i couldnt bring myself to tell him i was. i was planning on telling him in my own way but my friend found it upon herself to tell him. he asked me was it true and i said yea and he really didnt say nothin more. all he really was worried about i think was getting a kiss from me but for some reason i couldnt bring myself to kiss him i think it was cuz he was shorter then me but im not sure well anywayz it was my last day and i still hadnt kissed him. i told him i would i promised him i would but at last possible moment i didnt and i felt kind a bad for not kissing him. well the next day i called him on the way to my new place and he acted like he didnt want to talk to me. i was feelin really sad about moving and leaving my friends so i called him to make me feel better but he made me feel worse. i dont think he knew how much i liked him or how hapy hearing his voice made me feel. he told me that he really didnt do long distance relationships..i felt my whole heart drop i kinda knew he might say that before i moved but when i needed him the most he dumped me. i quickly agreed with him that he was right tryin not to sound shocked or upset. when i hanged up my cell phone i felt hhorrible but didnt allow muself to cry over him! i havent talked to him since and dont plan to but ive never told anybody this i just tried to pretend like i didnt care but every time i hear his name or see his website page on bebo i start to feel kinda bad i even wouldnt have another boyfriend4 awhile cuz of that but everybody would think i was stupid or sprung over him. just to make it worse my friend told me that two days after i left he had found himself a new girlfriend i just neede to tell this story but ive really gotten over him now:)


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