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I live in Bangkok,thailand

I live in Bangkok,thailand. My ex boyfriend is from Paris.He came to thailand with his Brother and his sister-in-law in Jan.We met in bangkok.we started dating.Many times that I though things were not gonna work out but i tried to make it work.We argued a lot.Its probably because our bad communication and my moody tempt..He's a nice guy and really cared for me I found feel that. 3 months later I met my ex-date and complained about my love problems to him.Later that night I did the most horrible thing ever.I cheated on my bf and tried to hide it.2-3 months later my bf found out.He's deeply sad and in sorrow.We nearly broke up but we did not. We made up and got back together but all things changed.We argued more often.It's all about stupid things.I could not stand that I felt like to leave him sometimes but part of me still loved him. Well, I still do. On June 29th 2006,he had to go back to paris i saw him off at the airport.He said 6 months he would come back. I thought to myself I will try to be holding on for him. Now its been a month without him.I hve been thinking about good and bad things that we have undergone together.I realize I do not deserve him. I can't stand living far away from him.Long distance relationshop doesnt seem to work out well for me.Last night I decided to take the breakup.We chatted on msn.He said he knew this was gonna happen.I was confused I dont know if i was making a wrong decision but anyways I just did it last night.He said No return of us.I felt my heart breaking.I know what" Breakdown and Cry" is like.I realize i love him and want him back but i think it is too late.He's such a sweet guy but we couldnt figure it out know why we argued about stupid things most of the time.This reason made me think ....... and decide to talk about it to him.Now our relationship has been ended by me...how stupid i am...I still think of him and angry with myself with What i have done to him and my final decision.For my french ex boyfriend.I think you know i am talking about u here.I just hope we could get back together again.I know it sounds silly and impossible but u know deep inside I realize i really love you.I m just afraid of serious relationship as i have never had it before.It makes me hesitate....Take care V.B.

With Loves,
Petit B.


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