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I was Faithful - He Cheated and Lied

I was with this guy for about 4 months now. We are now 16. Its kind of like a love story though. We both liked eachother since we've been about 10 or 11. But one thing that is weird is that his sister is my best friend. Me and this guy named J were going out and we kept it a secret for about a month or so from my family. For we were afraid of what everyone would think. In this time, me and J had the funnest time of our lives. We did everything together, we went to the beach, lakes, jetskiing, bball games,lacrosse games, he even snuck out every wednesday night when he didn't have his licenses to come visit me when we couldn't see eachother, we did everything together.

One day when we were at the beach, we looked for crabs, got our picture taken, snuggled on the beach, he threw me in the water, and then the next morning at his dads house he even made me breakfast in bed. Not only did he tell me he loved me, he told me that he was "in love with Me" when he told me this i told him that it wastn't true, just because i didn't want things going too fast and i wasn't sure if he was mature enough to be saying that type of sutff. But i really loved him tho. He was the first guy i actually loved.

In this time we were going out, we'd both go over other friends houses. J only didn't know that guys would try to "hook up" with me all the time and ask me out, but i told all of them no, just because i loved j and because we were together. I was always faithful to him

But one time he went over this girls house and supposively they were drunk...even though it shouldn't matter, anyways they hooked up... a few days later we broke up, because he's been making some dumb choices and i've been yelling at him for it and he can't deal with all of it. he also said that he can't handle a relationship.

and one day later i found out about this from one of his best friends. at first j denied it, which hurt even more just because we promised eachtother that we'd always tell someone if we ever did that. Then he swore that he didn't. Finally he gave in. We talked it out and everything but nothing could ever be the same as it was. I truly loved him. But I won't let myself go back to him, just because I could never trust him or antyhing he does anymore....


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