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he just said he needed space to think

So going into high school me and my friends expected new and better things-including cuter, hotter, and fresher boys. I had never really thought i would get with a new guy just because all the guys i had been with before had been at my school for awhile. However, suddenly i told one of my pretty good friends that i was eyeing out this guy. It turns out so was she and another one of my really good friends. After i heard that my friends were interested him i didnt want to get in a fight so i decided that i wasnt really interested in him that much, i barely knew him besides occasional talks in biology class or on Aim. One night we had a formal dance and things got a bit crazy. There was only one slow dance and guess what? The guy picked me instead of my friends. We danced together and from that moment on something just clicked and felt right. We had a good dance together and a good hug good bye along with a few laughs. One of my friends who liked him saw the whole thing and started rumoring that i liked him to a bunch of people including one of his really good friends who quicky told him the news. The guy didnt know who to pick but ended up trying to choose between me and the other girl (Who had originally blurted out the whole thing). In the end, All the people at school told him that i was a better girl for him so he ended up calling me one night surprising me and asking me to be his girlfriend. Ironically, this was the night before valentines day-and i had never had a boyfriend on valentines day so i was super excited. We dated for more than a month (Felt longer than that though) and it was super cool. but then we got in an argument because i thought he was spending too much friends with his best girlfriend and thought he may like her but he kept telling me he didnt and i should of trusted him but i couldnt because he had lied about things before. Unfortunately, things got a bit crazy and we ended up both crying one night and he thought the best thing to do was to break up with me because he didnt want to hurt me longer or in the long run-he said it was the best thing to do and that he really hopes i understand that and that i was amazing and gorgeous and he was in love with me but he had to do it even though he didnt want to. It just didnt make sense to me. I tried gettin him back once we got back to school (this all happened during spring break) but he just said he needed space to think....and


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