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I don't know how love could matter so little to him.

I met my ex two and half years ago, when I was only 24 years old. We got serious fast and he moved in with me after about two months of dating due to the fact that he had been in between apartments at the time and I needed a roommate too. After about six months of dating, things were going mostly well except for a few jealousy and insecurity issues on his part. I thought he really loved me and he told me so all the time. His ex-wife became homeless because her boyfriend at the time had kicked her out. We took in his kids and they stayed with us for about a month. It was a big adjustment for me because before that he had only had them every other weekned. They moved back in with his ex and we ended up breaking up a month later. I broke if off at the time because I just needed time to sort out my feelings. I think there had just been too much drama with the ex wife, and I was not ready for kids and such a serious relationship.
After we had been broken up for about two months, I decided I really loved him and wanted him back. He said yes, because he still loved me. The kids were living with him full time because his ex was in jail so the three of them moved back into my two bedroom place a couple months later.
During that Summer (which was last summer) we talked about getting married several times and even looked at rings. We never got officially engaged and I belive he didn't ask because he couldn't afford a ring.
In October, we had a really stupid fight over an appetizer at a restaurant. He moved out. I let him go because I thoguth he was being childish and ridiculous. I knew he still loved because he had told my mom just a few days before that he wanted to go on the family vacation with us this spring so he could propose to me when we were in Europe.
I saw him in April and he told me he still had feelings for me. He had been dating someone else since December but he said there was no passion in their relationship and really made it sound like she was just convenient because she helped a lot with his kids. I realized I was still in love with him and asked him to come back. He said no, because he would never take anyone back a third time no matter how much he loved them. He proposed to her a month later.
I asked him how he could do that when he had just loved me a few months before. He said he had been distancing himself from me for a long time before that so it was easy for him to move on. I know that isn't true since he told my mom he wanted to propose to me and he told me many times after we broke up that he missed me and loved me. I told him he never really loved me if he could move on so fast, and he said love had nothing to do with it, that he had really loved me.
I have tried several times since then to get him back because I miss him so much and even miss the kids. I don't want him to be married or have a family with someone else. I think he is just being stubborn and marrying her so he has a mother for his kids. I have told him that and he has never told me that he loves her. He always says that he did love me and has told me twice that he doens't love me anymore, only when I really badger him about it. I don't see how he could love me for two years and then just stop and not miss me at all in less than nine months. I think he is just using her to replace his feelings for me so he doens't have to be heartbroken. For the life of me I can't understand why he wouldn't be willing to work things out if he loved me so much. I think it is just because he thinks she will make a better "Mom" and "housewife" than I did. I think she is less independent and passionate than me, which is what he loved about me, but I think he feels safer with her because of that.
I wish there was something I could do to make him understand and take me back. I just feel so helpless. This man told me I was the love of his life and I believe he was telling the truth. I don't know how love could matter so little to him.


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