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when i get my car house jobs he would want me to come back but he said i don't know hahaha

hi i miss my ex so much cus i gave him eveything i brought him stuff i was there when he needed me. but he say's he loves me and miss me but a few days past in he haven't call yet . i use to live in new york that's where he is at, but i move to teaxes and he was mad as hell he was crying cus he did'nt want me to leave and i was crying cus i did'nt want to leave him cus if i did he would probaby find somebody else. when i was in new york i call him on his phone and told him to come down stairs but he took to long so i went up stairs he open the door and guess who was in his house a girl. i was piss i ran out the buliding crying. then he calls oh nothing happen yea like i was going to belive that. but we had made a promised that i will come back in live with him but he call me and said oh i don't know if i want u to come back . but u know what its ok cus he is the one that will miss me and need me but by than its going to be to late. so i'm over him now i don't care what he do i know he be messing around with girls . but i'll be ok. now when i get my car house jobs he would want me to come back but he said i don't know hahaha he is making a big mistake. he will see what he could of had has already been gone. my name is s* if u want to hear more about me and i'm 17


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