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involved with a person with bi-polar

me and my bf origianally wernt aloud be together. my friends said either him or us, so i chose them naturally, but i fell in love with him which made everything really bad. i started seeing him secretly for four months. each time i talked to him, saw him or even thought about him i fell more and more in love with him. so i couldnt keep it a secret any more. i got my friends to be okay with it and we got together (publically). we spent every single waking minute together, whether in person, on the phone, or texting. i was convinced he was the one. we would tell eachother all the time about how much we loved and wanted to be with eachother. we went on holiday about a month ago. and it all seemed to have gone wrong from there. see my bf was "bi-polar" which is a chemical imbalance in the brain.. so he's either really really happy, or really really depressed.. and when he's depressed he'll stay like that for a month or even more.. we came back from rome and we were texting, i was saying how i dont feel i can make him happy anymore, because hes so down lately. and i said that all i want is to see him happy, if that means with another girl, then so be it, his happyness is before mine to me. my bf took this the complete wrong way and insisted that i broke up with him.. so i went and met up with him and convinced him, even though i didnt break up with him,to get back together with me. he aggreed reluctantly. i stayed in his that night. the next day he was being really wierd and when i asked what was wrong he said "i just dont know if this is going to work" so then i convinced him to stay with me.... again. we kept and kept on fighting, about the most stupidest things you can think of. and at a party, a week back, we got in another fight, and i ignored him, cause we were in a fight.. then he brought me outside and told me we were done, he was sick of it. so i convinced him AGAIN to stay with me, the next day we had a big talk about our fights and how were going to stop them. and we havent fought since. except on wednesday night, he was staying in mine, i brought up a story from when we wernt able to be together and he got really upset cause it reminded him of those bad times and me not standing up to my friends. the next day he left without saying goodbye. later that day i was talking to him on msn and he tells me he just cant do it anymore.... is it really all my fault??? i cant live without him. im so so shattered. i want him back but i dont know how..
if you are getting involved with a person with bi-polar, it is hard.. but sometimes it works out. i just hope mine will.


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