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6 months of my life waisted on a lad. how stupid can you get ?!

well, i have recently been going out with this guy, that i thought was really nice, but my freinds though that he was quite bad. but i took no notice of them and went out with him. i was so happy and had a great 6 months with him. i was really in love and he said that he was with me. but when i go on holiday for a week, i realise that i didnt miss him as much as i thought i would. i had fallen out of love with him, so i told him that its not anything that he had done it's just i didnt have those kind of feelings for him anymore. he was devastated and cried, but he wanted to stay in touch with me, he told me that he still loves me. he kept asking me back, and i started to feel a bit guilty so i was going to get back with him. but then i find out from one of his mates that he was seeing this girl, even though he was asking me back. so i confront him about it and he starts making up lies and excuses. which made me even more angry, so i screamed down the phone that i hate him and hung up on him. then walking home today his younger mates start ganging up on me, and hes standing there laughing.
i thought he loved me, and eventhough you fall out of love with somebody you wouldnt be that spitefull and do something like that. obviously it was not true love, 6 months of my life waisted on a lad. how stupid can you get ?!


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