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so a few summers ago, i hung out with this guy

so a few summers ago, i hung out with this guy, we talked hours and hours every night. then it was time for me to go back to where i live (1000 miles away). well i finally moved back, and i rndomly got his phone# again, but now he lives in P.a. we started talking and we were going out... bu the thing is he is sooo sweet but so afraid of love, which now i am dicovering so am i. but he said things that hut me, and my mom didnt like him she told me that she might have breast cancer, she also said that she did not want me to go ot with him. so i explained that to him, and we still talked every single night. eventually we were going back out, and i just stopped takling to him, i was a VERY active member in my church and every 1 was getting freaking pissed at me. well he finally ca,me back for a weekend, and i realized how much i loved him and miss him, but he kept teasing me... acting like he was gonna kiss me, then turning his head. now its summer and hes livng in NJ again... and its really depressing b/c he keeps getting gf after gf and he said he loed me once then got a gf... we did stuff to, then he said he didnt like me right after that... i still talk to him, but the othetr day.... i told him i had to go, he asked why, and i said b/c i refuse to cry on the phone. he said it was all my fault he wanted me to feel bad.. and then he calls me and talks about sex, like nothing was worng... i can't stop crying i just want to die, im such a terrible person i hate it. :(


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