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she loves me and wants to work things out, but she loves him too

Well, It started one summer, It was my friends mom, I was sixteen and she was 34 and married. (yeah)
well we were a big secret for 8 months, when she finally broke it off with him, and we moved in together.
she has 2 kids, who liked to destroy my stuff, and my apartment, but we were still happy.
after I turned 18, I asked her to marry me and she said she was already mine.
we moved shortly after to virginia, and due to financial times, we never had the chance to get married.
were actually going to do it this summer, but hell.
I had been working at a ford axle division 50hrs a week and she was unemployed.
about his time, i started noticing that she was not home as often, and her car, (that I paid for)
was still red hot when id get home form work.
she started getting really distant with me, and being very confrontational.
two nights before I found out she was cheating on me, I cooked her dinner after I got home from a 16 hour day, when she told me she was tired and hungry, she ended up telling me that not only was it cooked the way she wanted, but it wasnt fast enough, and how could I make her wait so long for something to eat. I found out later, that was one of the nights she had slept with this guy in my own bed.
i told her I loved her and that I was sorry I didnt do it right for her.
Well, 2 days later I caught her new boyfriend calling, since I had come home early.
she quickly tried to hide the cell phone and say it was one of her sons friends, but I knew better...
he left a voice mail, and she knew that if she didnt listen to it, I would after she went to bed.
she dialed her voice mail, and tried to get as far away as she could so I wouldnt hear, but i held her in place and snatched the phone away...
well I caught her, and cryed my eyes out, I asked her why, and she said she loves him.
I said what about me?
she said I love you too, but we need to seperate.
I said yeah, I bet, a little late now dont you think?
I told her then, that if she still loved me, she could come back, it would be alright, if it was a mistake, then thats fine.
she said she couldnt stop seeing him, she needed to, and I said I would wait on her.
I stayed at the house for 3 more days untill she told me to get out.
I left, and am staying at a friends right now.
the first night I was gone she came by in the middle of the night, and told me she missed me.
I told her, I'm right here if you want.
she came by often, and called all the time. she kept seeing him and sleeping with him, in my house.
one day, she asked me if I could make love to her again, and I said why?
she said she needed me.
she said she needed to know I still loved her, and she still loved me.
She told me to rent a hotel room.
I did, and we were "with" each other for a whole day.
she left again, and i did not see her for 3 more days.
she came back again and we did the same thing again, but she had been with him too since the last time we were together.
its been about four days since, as the bruise on my neck is going away now, but she keeps telling me the same story, that she loves me and wants to work things out, but she loves him too


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