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i look forward to seeing her in heaven

It was about 3 years ago i met this girl i was going thru a really hard time in my life i had just moved out on my own and things were fantastic i fell inlove within a few months (She was my first and only love) i was living with a roommate and unexpectdly he had to move far away in a very short notice (He screwed me over) and i have to move to a differnt province me and her had never had a fight till then eventually i found a new roommate and moved back to my home province to continue our relationship everything was fine at the start and then we started fighting almost everyday about dumb stuff, our fights turned into metal abuse and then onto psychical abuse months went on and our relationship got worse and worse ontill the day she left me for another guy.. i lost my mind over it id never leave the house i turned to alcohol abuse but sadly i could never get drunk enough to get her off my mind so one day i went to the doctor and complained about not being able to sleep every because i couldn't stop thinking about her so he have me a perscription for sleeping pills and one night after drinking some rum and looking at old pictures of her i decided to end my life i took the whole bottle of pills and my best friend found me on the bathroom floor uncousious and rushed me to the hospital ... currently me and my ex haven't spoken or seen eachother in 6 months i found out recently she has gotten into some heavy drugs and i know we will never speak again but i will love her untill the day i die and nothing will ever be the same as what we had, sence then i have given up on love because i just want the good times back and i can't accept that it will never be the same. I just want everyone to know never to know that you should never be abused or abuse anybody in any form and i hope that she snaps out of the whole drug thing and has a long life and gets married and has kids and has a wonderful life and i look forward to seeing her in heaven.


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