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I Treated Her Nicely, She Returned to her Ex

This story isn't even love, maybe it was just a fling. I still don't know. At the time I met this girl and we starting talking. Apparently she just broken up with her "jerk" ex-bf, I still talked to her but always kept enough space. Then she went through two family deaths in her family and I was always there for her to vent out her emotions.

The problem was, I started having feelings for her after spending many nights with her (BTW, nothing happen). She would tell me her past, darkest secrets, pretty much everything. Then high school prom was coming up so I decided to ask her. I'm a old fashion type of guy, so flowers and cards are normal I guess. Then we hang out many times after school when I don't have work, then we official went out on a date. I took her to some fancy restaurant, give her a single rose, and from her words she was having a great time.

Maybe I did too much, but I was nice to her not because i wanted to get into her pants. I was nice to her because I"m just being ME, plus she was going through rough times, so I thought I can boost up her self-esteem, make her feel that she is special, and maybe if she does like me, maybe I can get a good night kiss and a second date.

Well after the date, she ignored me for six weeks until school was over and she went on vacation for five weeks. Anyway I found out that she went back with the ex boyfriend when they broke up, which is like three months, it hurt me deeply. I asked her why did it to me, but she just gave me a bunch of excuses, but I understand. I can't make somebody like me, but I didn't deserve what happen to me.

After a year, she apologize once again, but I'm still very much hurt by it. I never held grudges against her, I even wish her the very best and she'll always be special to me in some way and maybe we can even be friends.


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