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Take your time, and his true colors will be revealed

He pursued me for 3 months. When I finally spoke to him, he told me he had 4 kids for 3 moms. He was married for 12 years and had a good excuse for everything. I was not interested, but everyone said he was really nice. I didn't want to be judgemental, I said let me just talk to him. He swept me right off my feet. We took things fast because I believed he loved me. He proposed and begged for a baby. I wanted to wait until after we were married, he cried and told me he loved me so much and that he would never leave me, why wait. I believed him and trusted him. He said he wanted to have 1 more child when he met the one.Three months into my pregnancy he said he wasn't happy and left. When I was 7 months pregnant, I found him in a restaurant with a woman. He introduced me and I said hello. My daughter is now 7 months, he saw her 4 times and gave $220 so far for her care. I decided not to answer his calls or deal with him after he proved himself for 7 months. I lost respect for him. His family were nice doing our engagement, they have never called to say hello! He said he loved me, that was not love. I loved him then, but life goes on I'm over it. I heal daily with God's help. I am stronger now, and I know God delivered me. Love is not suppose to hurt. My heart is not naive or gullible anymore. I don't believe everything anymore without proof. He was a sperm donor, I love my daughter and I learned an important lesson. Infatuation is only temporary. Take you time, and his true colors will be revealed.


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