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My ex is diabolic

He is getting away with something equally as bad as murder.

My ex is diabolic. I want everyone to know including his want-to-be fiancé. I met him about ten months ago. We have been together for eight. It started of as friends with benefits, but he turned it in to something intense. I did not want to get over involved, because he had another girlfriend in the UK.

Their relationship is a lie. He has cheated on her with at least two others girls that she knows about. She got drunk and showed up at his place of work crying her eyes out, after his sisters told her he is cheating on her. Them stupid girls! He is vain and fake. He loves none of them and he never loved me. I say this, because he has told me he loves me. Yet I had to watch him and her holding each other so in love, at an underground band gig. He did not know I was there. My eyes opened. My body was shacking out of rage and instant hatred.

Yes I hate you and her. I hope you have a sad, pathetic and empty life together. That is nothing less than what you deserve. You treat people like dogs. And after I have supported you, care for you, defended you and showed you nothing but love this is my reward. Got to hell! You killed my spirit and I have to build myself up again.

Written by Lucifer’s Daughter.


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